News & Notes 643:Please do not bring your fish to Matrimandir!

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643 icon.jpg   News & Notes 643
2 April 2016

Please do not bring your fish to Matrimandir!

Some Aurovilians, with the good intension of giving a new spacious home to their fish, (a home with a good view) have been bringing them to live in the pond in the Garden of Consciousness at Matrimandir. This has been great for the fish, and some had grown very large, but the unforeseen bad effect has been that they have been eating all the shoots of the water plants, like Lotus and Lilies which we were trying to grow in this pond! The pond has been recently restocked with plant-friendly small fish, and we request all Aurovilians to kindly refrain from bringing fish to live in this pond! Thank you.

We take this opportunity to remind parents to please supervise their children while they are at Matrimandir as we have recently had cases where the nice stones and pebbles in the gardens of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss have been disturbed and even broken.

Thank you again,