News & Notes 643:It’s Voting Time!

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643 icon.jpg   News & Notes 643
2 April 2016

It’s Voting Time!

In April, the community is being asked to vote YES or NO to two things:

1. A proposed new FAMC mandate;
2. A proposed new Entry Policy.

For the entry policy, you’ll be able to say YES or NO separately to five separate sections of the policy.

This means that you’ll be able to specify which sections you agree with and which you don’t.

WHEN: Online voting runs for 13 days and starts 9 am April 2 and ends at 5 pm April 14 (you’ll receive a form by email). Paper voting will run daily (10 am – 4 pm) over two days – April 15 and April 16 (forms will be available at the two locations listed below).

WHERE: Paper voting will occur in two locations:

a) Outside Pour Tous (Aspiration) on April 15
b) Outside Solar Kitchen on April 16

For more information: As always, your ever-lovin’ RAS will be on hand to assist, explain, clarify, massage – whatever you need to better understand the issues and the process. The only thing we can’t do is tell you what to vote. That’s up to you.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on: 948 6623 749 or by email on: raservice (at), if you have any questions about the issues, the process, or if you’d just like to chat.

Kind regards,
Your RAS Team