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2 April 2016

House of Mother's Agenda


Another great work of the Ribhus is – in the strength of their previous deeds, of the light of Indra, the movement of the Ashwins, the full yield of the fostering Cow – to restore youth to the aged Parents of the world, Heaven and Earth. Heaven is the mental consciousness, Earth the physical. These in their union are represented as lying long old and prostrate like fallen sacrificial posts, worn-out and suffering. The Ribhus, it is said, ascend to the house of the Sun where he lives in the unconcealed splendour of his Truth and there slumbering for twelve days afterwards traverse the heaven and the earth, filling them with abundant rain of the streams of Truth, nourishing them, restoring them to youth and vigour.[1] They pervade heaven with their workings, they bring divine increase to the mentality,[2] they give to it and the physical being a fresh and young and immortal movement.[3] For from the home of the Truth they bring with them the perfection of that which is the condition of their work, the movement in the straight path of the Truth and the Truth itself with its absolute effectivity in all the thoughts and words of the mentality. Carrying this power with them in their pervading entry into the lower world, they pour into it the immortal essence.

O Ribhus, in your pervasion.jpg

Yuvānā pitarā punaḥ, satyamantrā ṛjūyavaḥ;
ṛbhavo viṣṭyakrata.

O Ribhus, in your pervasion you made young again the Parents, you who seek the straight path and have the Truth in your mentalisings.

It is the wine of that immortal essence with its ecstasies which they win by their works and bring with them to man in his sacrifice. And with them come and sit Indra and the Maruts, the divine Mind and its Thought-forces, and the four great Kings, sons of Aditi, children of the Infinite, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, the purity and vastness of the Truth-Consciousness, its law of love and light and harmony, its power and aspiration, its pure and happy enjoyment of things.

The raptures of the wine come to you.jpg

Saṁ vo madāsa agmata, indreṇa ca marutvatā;
ādityebhiś ca rājabhiḥ.

The raptures of the wine come to you entirely, to you with Indra companioned by the Maruts and with the Kings, the sons of Aditi.

And there at the sacrifice the gods drink in the fourfold bowl, camasaṃ caturvayam, the pourings of the nectar. For Twashtri, the Framer of things, has given man originally only a single bowl, the physical consciousness, the physical body in which to offer the delight of existence to the gods. The Ribhus, powers of luminous knowledge, take it as renewed and perfected by Twashtri’s later workings and build up in him from the material of the four planes three other bodies, vital, mental and the causal or ideal body.

And this bowl of Twashtri.jpg

Uta tyaṁ camasaṁ navaṁ, tvaṣṭur devasya niṣkṛtam;
akarta caturaḥ punaḥ.

And this bowl of Twashtri new and perfected you made again into four.

Because they have made this fourfold cup of bliss and enabled him thereby to live on the plane of the Truth-Consciousness they are able to establish in the perfected human being the thrice seven ecstasies of the supreme existence poured into the mind, vitality and body. Each of these they can give perfectly by the full expression of its separate absolute ecstasy even in the combination of the whole.

So establish for us the thrice seven.jpg

Te no ratnāni dhattana, trir ā sāptāni sunvate;
ekam ekaṁ suśastibhiḥ.

So establish for us the thrice seven ecstasies, each separately by perfect expressings of them.

The Ribhus have power to support and contain all these floods of the delight of being in the human consciousness; and they are able to divide it in the perfection of their works among the manifested gods, to each god his sacrificial share. For such perfect division is the whole condition of the effective sacrifice, the perfect work.

They sustained and held in them.jpg

Adhārayanta vahnayo, abhajanta sukṛtyayā;
bhāgaṁ deveṣu yajñiyam.

They sustained and held in them, they divided by perfection in their works the sacrificial share of the enjoyment among the Gods.

Such are the Ribhus and they are called to the human sacrifice to fashion for man the things of immortality even as they fashioned them for themselves. “He becomes full of plenitude and strength for the labour, he becomes a Rishi by power of self-expression, he becomes a hero and a smiter hard to pierce in the battles, he holds in himself increase of bliss and entire energy whom Vaja and Vibhwa, the Ribhus foster.... For you are seers and thinkers clear-discerning; as such with this thought of our soul we declare to you our knowledge. Do you in your knowledge moving about our thoughts fashion for us all human enjoyings, – luminous plenitude and fertilising force and supreme felicity. Here issue, here felicity, here a great energy of inspiration fashion for us in your delight. Give to us, O Ribhus, that richly-varied plenitude by which we shall awaken in our consciousness to things beyond ordinary men.”[4]

Sri Aurobindo
The Secret of the Veda, p.340

The Ponder Corner: “Sense of humour? It is the salt of existence. Without it the world would have got utterly out of balance – it is unbalanced enough already – and rushed to blazes long ago.”

Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga – IV, p.174

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