News & Notes 643:Art installation on the Solar Kitchen roundabout

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643 icon.jpg   News & Notes 643
2 April 2016

Art installation on the Solar Kitchen roundabout

The design of the round-about of the Solar Kitchen crossing has been discussed within Road Service. Many 'art installations' are being considered, such as the coloured columns which are in the middle of Mahalakshmi Park and may be very soon also in the International Zone, such as stone sculptures or stainless steel sculptures by Aurovilian artists.

The present idea is to start with an 'art installation' developed by Celestine. It is a composition of more than 200 rings, used previously as 'portholes' for the skin of Matrimandir. This week, Celestine has tested the arrangement with used rings before finalising the design, the shape, the volume and the colours for each ring.

The final structure will be in place by the end of April. After some months, this 'ring' sculpture may be shifted somewhere else and replaced by another art installation.

Alain Grandcolas