News & Notes 641:Udavi School announces a Teacher Training Program for Post-Secondary Students

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19 March 2016

Udavi School announces a Teacher Training Program for Post-Secondary Students

With the start of the new school year in June 2016 we will offer a two-year teacher training program for people who wish to become teachers. The program will be a mixture of theory and practice. Students in the program will work alongside experienced teachers in Udavi School but they will have some time allotted each week for reading, discussion, observations and writing.

Each teacher in training will be assigned a mentor to guide and coach him or her throughout their two years in the program. The student teachers will have an opportunity to observe, work with small groups, and eventually lead a class in a variety of classroom settings. Instruction will be offered in four areas of concentration: philosophy; including the philosophy of integral education; child development; special needs and diversity; and methods of teaching in the specific areas of the student’s interests.

Qualification for admission to the program includes:

  • a 12th standard diploma or the equivalent
  • proficiency with English and some knowledge of Tamil
  • a strong interest in understanding and working with children
  • two letters of recommendation
  • a letter of application describing previous experience with children or classrooms and your reasons for wanting to be a teacher

If you have questions about the program or are interested in applying you can write to: Davaselvy (at) / or call at: 944 30 35487.

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