News & Notes 641:To the Lord

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641 icon.jpg   News & Notes 641
19 March 2016

To the Lord

If the inner hermit with his flame always travelled alone,
If we burnt the habits and tastes which displayed till now our finished past,
If remembering the coming Future we tore out the old chimeras
Where in this ocean of intense fire or in this blue sky all is the same immense Journey with Thee,
We now know that exposed to numberless lives we even unknowingly fulfil the promise of this imperceptible past with this earthly body which is the parchment to read the legend written and told by Thee.
Thy white Light awakened us, it is our common signature.
This is our memory found again in the depth of this sun, it is She, our winged soul, which reunited all our lives, the Only one since the first.
Thou have inscribed Thy sweet Peace in the cave of our breast, Thou art this mighty fire which revived our soul, where these solar seeds disperse in the midst of this rolling ocean.
With the triple key of Knowledge, Works and Love Thou openest for us all the locks of the Spirit, where all thirsts are quenched.

With my profound joyful surrender
GangaLakshmi (House of Mother’s Agenda, Savitri Bhavan)