News & Notes 641:Serious Events in the Lives of Aurovilians

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641 icon.jpg   News & Notes 641
19 March 2016

Serious Events in the Lives of Aurovilians

There is a written form that has been prepared for Aurovilians to give indications with regard to issues that relate to their own bodies. This is, of course, an optional undertaking, but making such information available to caregivers at the appropriate moment may mean that you will receive precisely the kind of care you want.

An Aurovilian has the right to make decisions about the process and location of dying, as well as about how the body will be handled (cremation or burial). If you have clear indications of how you want this phase of your life to unfold, you need to make them explicit beforehand to all who may be involved in implementing them.

This written form will be kept in strict confidentiality and will be referred to only when needed by family members or designated health caregivers. It can be modified at any time. Not all of the questions need be answered and personal remarks may be added.

A downloadable update of this form is now available on Auronet. Look under "Groups," then "Farewell Matters." Your form may be placed in an envelope with your name on it and dropped off at the new Farewell any morning.

The Farewell Team