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19 March 2016

Security Service

Dear community members,

Following the resignation of Ramesh V., Shahar Yaari and Anandamayi Legrand from the Auroville Security Board in March 2015, the AVCouncil and Working Committee have been working on a process to restructure the present security system.

Upon receiving several proposals from individuals, we have worked on synthesizing all of them to make a consolidated proposal. Some of those who sent in the proposals have also stepped up to be part of the new team and to build up the new system.

The key points of change will be:

  1. AV Security Service will be re-named AV Safety and Security Team (AVSST)
  2. The AVSST will be composed of 3 segments: the Vision Team, the Coordination team and the Ground Force. 2 members of the Vision Team will be members of the Coordination Team as well, in order to bridge the gap between vision and ground reality.

The full mandate with the description of the roles and duties of each segment will be published in the next News and Notes as well in the Auronet for feedback.

We would like to announce and welcome Carlos, Peter Clarence-Smith, Sam and Srijita as the 4 members of the AVSST. Their role will be, along with the day-to-day management of our security needs, to further strengthen the team with more members and to implement all the proposals that are included in the new mandate.

We take this opportunity to once again thank Ramesh, Shahar and Anandamayi for their dedicated service and contribution to the Security Service, and to wish them all the best for the next endeavors.

Constructive feedback on the above names are welcome; Please write your comments to avcoffice (at) / workingcom (at)

Sincerely AVCouncil and Working Committee