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5 March 2016

Roy of New Creation left his body

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On 29 February, Roy (Alistair Wicks) of New Creation passed away due to kidney failure in his UK home in the presence of his daughter and son. He was 92 years old.

In 1989, British Roy, a retired police sergeant and school welfare officer, visited Auroville after the demise of his wife and was approached by André Tardeil, who at the time was setting up extended vocational training at New Creation for village youth and needed someone to coordinate the educational efforts there. Half a year later Roy returned and started the long way towards funding and establishing New Creation Bilingual School, now the well running CBSE-accredited Aikiyam School.

Throughout the years, Roy’s house in New Creation became an organised and educative boarding for pupils of the school who had no relatives taking care of them. ‘Roy’s Boarding’ has been a caring home from where many youngsters from the village have been guided into the world with concern and love, an institution which survives today in collaboration with Aikiyam School’s support group and efficiently run by two of Roy’s pupils who grew up in the very home.

In 2001, suffering from a serious knee infection, Roy left for UK from where he has not been able to return. He has always been in contact via phone, email and skype with ‘his children’ whom he dearly missed and vice versa.

Thank you, Roy, for the enormous work you have done for Auroville; you will be remembered with love and gratitude by numerous youth from the village who now occupy a solid place in society thanks to you.

Our love and sympathy go out to Roy’s son and daughter in UK, and his many adopted children here, in particular Tixon and Vanitha, who now run the boarding.


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