News & Notes 639:Roy Wicks changes the raiment resplendently

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639 icon.jpg   News & Notes 639
5 March 2016

Roy Wicks changes the raiment resplendently

Roy, that energetic lieutenant of André, departs on the most momentous day in the history of evolution on earth: the day the Mother came to regard as the Day of the Lord because, if we trust her words, a new consciousness – the Supramental force – became operative on that day which will transform the human life and create a new species beyond the human.

The Mother: “For Sri Aurobindo 'coincidences' do not exist. All that happens is the result of the action of the Divine Consciousness. The Force which is at work at this moment is a Force of harmony that makes for unity the unification of all the symbols that express the Divine Truth.” (5 May 1967)[1]

Tixon, Vanitha, ‘Malarchi’, take heart. Lift up the spirit. Go for swimming or jogging. Roy has shed his worn-out raiment on the most glorious and gracious day since the earth (and the universe) was made.

Imagine Roy suddenly becoming a 19 years old of beautiful youth with curly orange hair, gracious sparkling face, climbing a charming mountain with rare gusto. He has a long way to go and he is confident of reaching the marvelous summit.