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5 March 2016


“May all beings never be parted from the happiness that is without suffering, the great joy of nirvana, liberation…” (David Michie, “The Dalai Lama’s Cat”, printed in India, 2013, p.5).

Sometimes we meet in Auroville an amazing bird – the paradise flycatcher. The adult male is white with an extraordinary long tail. The female is brown with a modest tail. But not long ago I met near my house in Aspiration community an adolescent male of this bird: it was brown with a very-very long tail. It will be white during next year.

On 5th Feb. I saw about 15 adolescents – human beings. They were Tibetans, mainly girls of about 14 years old each, in the Tibetan Pavilion, together with two adults – Kalsang and Namghal. The youngsters were singing. I heard and lost my gravitation, forgot the Samsara wheel of Samsara and was in levitation. With these angels’ voices I reached heaven, was in nirvana, satori, moksha. It was possible to remember all my past incarnations.

In one past life I was a Siberian shaman and had the telepathic contact with some Tibetan lamas. They gifted me with a mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum – “Oh treasure (the Lord Buddha) in the lotus” and taught me the famous Tibetan medicine. I used it in my shamanic practice with success.

I was a dolphin in my other life and asked the Lord Shiva: “Why did you destroy Repos?” And the Lord answered to the dolphin: “It is a punishment. Auroville was an ecovillage but it transformed in a motovillage. Let Aurovilians be mostly pedestrians and cyclists”.

In one life I was in the Auroville summer camp in the Nilgiris – the Blue Mountains. Madame Blavatsky wrote a detailed essay about the tribes in the Nilgiris, the Toddas who care about cows and Kurumbus – the hunters in the forest. There is a marble sculpture of Blavatsky and her American colleague, the Colonel Olcott, in Adyar (Chennai).

It was great to hear the songs of the Tibetan adolescents and be in nirvana.