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636 icon.jpg   News & Notes 636
13 February 2016

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The TDC announces the proposal for a waste water treatment plant in the Residential Zone for a two week period of feed-back. The feed-back will be collected and discussed by the persons mentioned below. The conclusions will be published in News & Notes.

WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT Residential Zone – Follow up meeting

Wednesday, February 3rd 3 pm at CSR and Friday, February 5th 2016, 11am, L’avenir.

Present: Tency, Christian and Tom (Water Group), Toby and Sauro (L’avenir), Jan (Study on Waste Water), Joseba (project holder Maitreye), Sonja (Housing), Nele, Fabienne and Mario (Residents); Christian, Tom and Sonja attended only on 3rd February and Mario only on 5th.

Background: Several new housing projects coming up in the Residential Zone II are in urgent need of a waste water treatment facility. An assessment of the multiple small waste water treatment plants that have been built over the years in the Residential Zone shows that many of them are not working properly. They suffer from poor maintenance and are a cause of nuisance (bad odor, mosquitoes and flies). Some of the systems are more than 20 years old and the structure and pipe systems leak. A detailed study on waste water management was conducted for the area. The study comes to the conclusion that the use of individual small waste water treatment plants should be discontinued and that a single treatment plant with a sewer system network would be the preferred option. The findings of the study were presented at the General Meeting: January 27th 2016 (on invitation by RAS and L’avenir). However difficulties have been encountered acquiring a suitable plot for the treatment plant and the pipes leading to it. The time frame is estimated at 2-3 years, which is too long to be a realistic solution for the new residential projects. The follow up meetings were held in order to find a workable solution.

Summary and conclusion of the meetings:

  1. A single, temporarily, treatment plant, well maintained and expandable for future needs, would be the best option (see point 6 also);
  2. The number of residents who are in immediate, urgent need of waste water treatment facility (Maitreye 1 & 2, Serenity, Sanjana and Swayam) is about 300 persons in 5 projects. Other projects might be connected later;
  3. A pilot treatment plant with sewage system network to connect these projects will be built;
  4. A feasible location has been determined as being in the triangle formed by the Ring Road, the Vikas Radial and Maitreye (see map). The exact location will be decided based on an adequate (and equal) buffer distance to all residences in the area;
  5. The communities will be connected with a gravity-flow sewer pipe system. As interim solution the treatment plant will consist of a set of settlers and the treated water will be percolated into the ground. The sludge will be retained and digested at site until it can be pumped off and transported by sludge truck to a suitable location for post processing;
  6. After 1 year of operation the plant performance will be evaluated. The results of this assessment will determine whether the operation of the plant is to be expanded and upgraded, or if an alternative location has to be found to build an additional /substitute plant;
  7. Reliable process supervision and adequate maintenance of the plant are key factors for good operation. An annual budget has to be provided to ensure this on a long term basis;
  8. Planning, designing and implementation of a sludge processing plant should start, a suitable place needs to be found and allocated.

See map on Auronet