News & Notes 636:Noble Silence

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13 February 2016

Noble Silence

During the night in my bed I hear no sounds. There is deep silence around me, but in the early morning I hear the songs of the birds. What do I mean by silence? If I happen to enter a deaf and mute school, it is what I can hear from those students. There will be a very minimum of sound.

Except on November 2nd, it is what I experience at a cemetery. There is a very deep silence. Not even a single mourner will be there.

I wouldn’t like to have thunderous sounds when I am with my lover. It is more than enough to be in silence beside her.

I understand noble silence means to shut all my senses for the higher purpose of having a very good dialogue with God. Deep silence brings concentration to me. When I am focusing my attention on the divine beings of God the Absolute, I am not in need of songs and bhajans. This religious experience I may not be able to share in words. I may remain in this silence in the presence of God for hours.

The benefits of practicing noble silence in my day to day life are that my soul is enriched with refreshness, restoration, ravishing and real healing. Let this be a timely call to keep silence to be free from the stresses and harms of the noise pollution of modern life.

In fine, I would like to recommend you to go to the forest, the desert or any wilderness and have a great enchanting encounter or delightful discourse with your creator. There is bliss, peace, smiles and joy in silence.

By Vincent Raja.K., Petite Ferme