News & Notes 636:Minutes of the General Meeting on Restructuring TDC

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636 icon.jpg   News & Notes 636
13 February 2016

Minutes of the General Meeting on Restructuring TDC

2nd February 2016 in SAIIER.

75 people were present and it was a very good topic-related discussion. Participants received clear answers from Carel (WCom), Sauro (TDC) and Aster (Governing Board). Helmut and Ganesh explained their situation, pointed out some shortcomings and mistakes, and stated their intention.

The following points were clarified:

  • The proposal to create a Town Development Department will not be followed in this way – it was said that in case the RA requests it, the now existing team of TDC (Jacqueline, Sauro, Toby and Christo) is willing to step out – it was discussed that TDC could be the client body.
  • We need to work on the following questions:
  1. Who is willing and able to do what? (We need to look at our maintenance system).
  2. How these new people can be included in our existing TDC structure?
  3. What will be the brief from the RA to this TDC?
  4. What work can be done in-house or needs to be outsourced?

It was agreed upon to organize a 1 day workshop around this topic soon.

A preparatory meeting on a possible workshop took place on the 8th of February in the office of the RAS. Were present: Amy, Christiano, Fabian, Ganesh, Jaya, Meera, Mona, Pashi, Peter, Sauro, Suhasini and 2 members of the RAS.

A workshop would be premature; the same team will meet again soon.

With Love,
Your Residents' Assembly Team