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636 icon.jpg   News & Notes 636
13 February 2016

AVC Report

Dear friends,

After an extended period of scattered reports on different topics, here we are to give you a consolidated report on the different major topics in the Auroville Council. As you know, we have 3 new members – Sandrya, Marc and Sundar – and we take this opportunity to welcome them once again!

Here are some of the topics needing update:


Entry Policy: Following the last round of meeting with those who “strongly disagreed”, a report was published in the News & Notes dated 9th of December 2015 upon making minor modifications to the drafts. There have been 2 “Mentor Pool” workshops since then that have been well attended. Following this, we met with the Entry Service, RAS and Study Group to see how best to move forward during this transition period of exploration and change.

Four things were observed:

  • The present Entry Service is once again understaffed and an urgent call was needed to be sent to the community. This was announced 3 weeks ago.
  • The new policy is not an end in itself. It is simply a starting point of an exploration on visioning “Entry” into Auroville, and needs deeper reflection together with the community for the next few months. The Study Group (Jaya, Isha, Helena) will help put together these “visioning workshops” that can widen and strengthen this new approach to welcoming people to Auroville.
  • The present office space of the Entry Service is neither welcoming nor sufficient for the demands of the new policy, where different statuses have been introduced. A new project called the “Welcome Hub” is being envisioned presently with Project Holders K.V. Babu, B and Dominique.
  • The proposed new Entry Policy will continue to explore the “Mentor Pool” as well as implement the new statuses of joining Auroville. The Auroville Council will help the Entry Service to make the necessary changes as seen in the new policy, such as revised application forms, administration etc.

In the spirit of experimentation, the next 18 months will be a continued process of learning and change, with the active participation of the community.


FAMC Guidelines / Mandate: The last General Meeting was an exploration on the questions “Should FAMC be composed through a selection of members from the community according to their skills and vision for an holistic approach for the Auroville Economy, or constituted by members representing a large number of working groups well aware of day to day issues?”

The feedback received again in the General Meeting has been compiled and is now being processed by the subgroup of the Auroville Council who will then pass the results of their work for further action. A decision making process for the same will be held soon.

Aurocard: The various individuals and groups (Financial Services, IT, BCC) were contacted to understand the problems faced by units and individuals with the Aurocard. Different ideas and proposals have emerged.

Currently, it appears that the Financial Service is in charge of this problem and strives to continue to follow the subject to achieve a practical solution for all.


Housing Policy: The Auroville Council formed a sub-group in October to review the Housing Policy. Following that, the sub-group continued its work until the beginning of December, at which point we felt the need to pause and reflect, perhaps open to the community for more input on directions to take.

Since then, we have met with members of the Active Residents Assembly who took on the topic of Housing. We are envisioning a collaboration with the larger community. We will publish more on this topic soon.


Workshop guidelines: The precedent AVC asked Auroville Campus Initiative, as Resource Persons, to come up with guidelines for workshops held in Auroville by foreigners receiving compensation for their work in their own country without any contribution to Auroville, except the use of some hospitality venues. ACI then presented to the new AVC, guidelines which were addressed to all the stake holders of workshops, both Aurovilians and non-Aurovilians. AVC received strong reactions from the main stake holders. A new subgroup was formed, composed by: Guy (Quiet), Dominique (Savi), Dhanya (Verite and AIP), Vikram (Auroville Consulting), Bridget (Pitanga), Joster (Inside India), Veronique and Daniel for the AVC. The Subgroup is working on defining the field of action and the legality of these activities taking in consideration the new legislation. The work is in progress.


Windarra arbitration implementation: The Implementation Monitoring Group (IMG) was composed of Ramalingam, Iyanar, Jeff for the Farm Group, Mandakini and Eric for the Working Committee, Auroanand and Daniel for the AVC. The group has met every Thursday in Windarra thanks to the hospitality of Hendrik of Aurospirul and in the Town Hall.

The questions “where is Human Unity”, “what is farming today in Auroville”, “how workshops can be integrated,” have been explored. The implementation of the arbiters’ decision continues with minor adjustments based on ground reality. The Auroville Council hopes that after the time of division unity will prevail.

Other topics worked on presently


  • Appeal Process
  • Proposal for platform to help people with empathy


  • Mobility
  • Garbage disposal in Auroville bio-region


  • Leaving Auroville Allowance
  • Food – Facts


  • Space allocation in Town Hall for the different offices

Media/ communication

  • Proposal for moderation on the Auroville Intranet


  • Goupi relocation and rehabilitation
  • Mental Health/ Care for the elderly


  • Management of Integrated Animal Care
  • Loud parties at Youth Centre


  • Matrimandir – new executives and assessment of internal functioning

Auroville Council