News & Notes 635:Update on the work done by TDC/L'Avenir in Regional Development

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635 icon.jpg   News & Notes 635
6 February 2016

Update on the work done by TDC/L'Avenir in Regional Development

Dear Community,

Since about 3 years the TDC has signed with the Panchayats of Bommayarpalayam and Irumbai Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering six villages. The purpose of these MOUs is to provide these villages with technical assistance in the field of infrastructures planning (Clean drinking water, Solar electricity, Solid Waste Management (SWM), individual toilets, sanitation etc.).

We have been having regular meetings with the Development Committees created by the Panchayats to fulfill the obligations stated in the MOUs. The members of those committees are drawn from leaders of women associations, youth clubs, and representatives of various communities, etc.

The work has been proceeding harmoniously in most fields that were taken up during this period. We are particularly appreciative of the cooperation of the following people.

For Bommayarpalayam Panchayat: Miss. Sugana Rajendiran (Panchayat President), Mr. Vijayaanandh (Vice President), Murugan (Council), Mr. Gnanasegar (VDC member & ward member), Mr. Rajendiran (VDC member & ward member) and Mr. Sankar (Secretary).

For Irumbai Panchayat: Mr. Ranganathan (Panchayat President), Mr. Tamilarasan (Secretary), Miss Selvi Ranganathan (PLF Secretary), Mr. Palanni (Joint Secretary), Mr. Anandan (VDC member & ward member).

In view of the recent disturbances and serious incidents associated with Kottakarai village, we would like to stress to the Residents of Auroville that the entire village is not involved in these sad events.

Since one and half year the Auroville Working Committee and Town Development Council have been holding peace meetings with Representatives of Kottakarai village regarding planning issues of concern to both parties. These meetings have been progressing towards mutually agreeable solutions. It is to be clearly understood that a few trouble-makers do not represent or speak for the villages as a whole. A mutual understanding was reached and an agreement between the villagers and Auroville has been drafted. This would not only have solved the conflict but also be a step towards future collaboration. Unfortunately, we have been forced to halt signing the agreement as Auroville has suddenly been facing an onslaught of vandalism and violence.

During our meetings with Panchayat leaders, we have also learned that Auroville Institutions are sometime perceived as having not always dealt in good faith on many issues concerning some villages’ issues.

We have to remember that one of Auroville main aim is to realize human unity. This call for Auroville Residents to be united in the first place and then to unite with their neighbors, the villagers, to build a future together. It is therefore essential that the work of Regional Development promoted by the TDC be strengthened and receive the full backing and financial support from the Community as a whole to ensure a continuity in the flow of good will that we have experienced while working with the Panchayat Development Committees.

Sincerely yours,
Cristo (TDC Regional Development Coordinator)