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6 February 2016

To change the world

“Do you want to do something to help the world situation? Then look within. As you change your consciousness to love, peace, harmony and unity, the consciousness of the whole world will change” (Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community in the northern Scotland).

According to the Tibetan calendar, the New Year (Year of the Monkey) is starting on the 9th Feb. But in China, Japan, Korea on the 8th Feb. The previous year was named “Sheep”. These two kind animals are mammals; the human being is a mammal too. But sheep and monkeys are not responsible for the Earth tragedy; the human greed is.

We need to change the situation. For three days Daniel Greenberg, Ph.D., gave some talks: 21 and 26 Jan. in Pitchandikulam, 27 Jan. in Unity Pavilion, about the Global Ecovillage Network, Gaia education and the Carbon problem. Greenberg is a marvelous orator and has a great experience. His talking is positive, optimistic. I hope that in the Year of the Monkey the White Warriors will win over the evil on the Earth.

In 1995 the Global Ecovillage Network was born as an alternative to the consuming behavior of society which devastates the planet. The new ecofriendly generation of the adults and children will save the biosphere of the Earth. They work for sustainability and for harmony with Mother Nature.

Two thousand years ago the Greeks thought the Earth was a living creature. J.E.Lovelock returned to this point of view in his book “Gaia” (1979). This ancient vision presents a good perspective for practice and education.

There are many mega projects for the conservation of the environment. But these projects need some individual support and local solutions. The elegant future is in our hands, in our hearts. Everybody has a lot of possibilities to help Gaia-Earth. The Light will win in the battle between Light and Darkness. The planet will get back its green dress like centuries ago. Life has enough of good defenders for its resurrection. Asuric forces will be defeated by the green army for good just as when Rama and Hanuman conquered the asura Ravana for Sita. Shakti-Nature is punishing its bad children who became life enemies. The world must turn away from human greed and selfishness to a higher consciousness and brotherhood with Nature.