News & Notes 635:Land Board Report – January 2016

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6 February 2016

Land Board Report – January 2016

  1. On 21 Jan 2016, a mob from Kottakarai vanadalised Auroville properties in and around Kottakarai village. They built bunds and blocked peramboke access disturbing the villagers and Aurovilians using those paths. They also resorted to threats and aggression to Aurovilians. The Working Committee and Land Board worked closely on this issue and tried to control the situation. This included assessing of the damages and visiting the police for protection. The police were informed about the violence and encroachment on Auroville land and the involved issues. After a week the police provided protection to open this blocked roads on Friday the 29 Jan 2016.
  2. Aravinda and Jasmin came and offered to Gift 65 cents of land they owned in Green Belt area. We are grateful to them for this gesture. The deed will be registered in the coming days.
  3. Land Board and Working Committee have requested our senior counsel for an opinion on the rules regarding Sale of lands in Auroville which would help Auroville in the future transactions.
  4. The tedious process of completing and updating the land records is on-going at Sub Registrar Office Vanur which is a vital and important step to correct the Government records. The systems for registering pattas have changed from manual to an online system. A total 7 pattas in Bommyarpalayam village have been transferred to Auroville’s name.
  5. A visit was made to Villupuram, assistant director Survey department to push for 13 pending surveys including those at Hermitage and Kalabhumi.
  6. Land Board is in continuous dialogue with the Inspector general of registration, and other government offices regarding the land dispute cases with regard to some important land parcels.
  7. The Land Board would like to appeal to all Aurovilians to monitor the fences around their settlements, forest and farms to prevent encroachment and contact the green group and then land board if there are encroachments and land grabs. If Stewards are unable to protect Housing Service can be approached to allot places for Aurovilians and Newcomers seeking houses.
  8. Two fencing projects are in process, one at Bommayarpalayam village behind Auromodel and the tedious fencing at Bharatipuram where there was creeping encroachment of City area land. A map showing this has been uploaded on Auronet by Land Board.
  9. 70 coconuts have been donated to PTDC in the month of January 2016.
  10. Rs 3,66,659/- was received from timber/firewood sales in December.
  11. For all units and activists interested to buy fire wood or timber – please contact Kannyappan or call 0413-262-2657 and fix an appointment.
  12. A gentle reminder to all Aurovilians who would like to contribute to consolidating Auroville lands: They can send in their contributions to the Financial Service account no 0100.
  13. 13. On Sunday 7th February 2016, an All Auroville Land party is being organised by Land Board and LFAU at the Unity pavilion “Honouring the Land”. We take this opportunity to invite one and all.

Land Board (Divya, Gerard, Kannyappan, Sandeep, Suhasini, Sukrit)