News & Notes 635:Kuilap's Maha Clean Up!

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6 February 2016

Kuilap's Maha Clean Up!

Sunday 7th of February at 8am

Venue: Kuilapalayam, Kolam (under the big tree facing the pond)

Today, tricycles are collecting waste door to door in Kuilapalayam village but the work to clean up roadsides, ponds and streets is huge and it needs a massive collective cleanup.

Please join us in this adventure! We will start Sunday 7th of February at 8 am.

Breakfast, lunch, gloves and sack will be provided to volunteers.

Also happening that day: clearing clogged drains with JSB, medical camp, street play, movie screening,

For more information, feel free to contact us at: Guillaume.jeffroy (at) or 852-589-3431.

Together, we can make the shift toward a Clean Kuila!