News & Notes 635:A renewal to the ‘Call’ of 1968

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6 February 2016

A renewal to the ‘Call’ of 1968

Auroville, “the city the Earth needs” gets ready to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

Auroville was created on 28th February 1968 as a call towards a newer & truer way of being – a Call towards a New Creation. It was created at a time when the elites of the awakened world were fed up with the existing systems and the calcifications of the Human societies. It was possible for such a movement to happen back then thanks to the sheer popularity of the ‘Call’ or a combined popular aspiration of 68’.

But while a 50 years’ anniversary sounds like a really big deal, one may observe that 12-year-cycles seem to carry a very special effect in life – like an orbit that seems to spiral on to a new level on the completion of every cycle. The age of 12, 24 etc. seem indeed in some general sort to demarcate a recurrent – yet ever expanding ‘cycle’ of personal evolution.

The number 12 by itself has seemed to be very precious to various civilizations – be it the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Romans, Aztecs, Christians, Muslims etc. From 12 hours to 12 months or 12 years cycles – recurrences can be noted again and again in various contexts – be it 12 tribes, 12 sons of Odin, 12 years of exile, 12 Jyotirlingas, 12 imams, 12 feasts, 12 plagues, 12 animals or even 12 names of the Sun...

In our very own context of Auroville and the Mother’s revelations into the occult principles behind the number 12 – we observe yet again an importance attached to – and a recurrence of – the number 12. We see 12 petals at the Matrimandir, 12 emanations on the Symbol– we have also been told of 12 subtle-body sheaths surrounding the human body onto which one may exteriorize if in possession of an occult knowledge. We are also aware of an ancient practice that has been reconfirmed by the Mother’s insight of the importance of a period of 12 days required for a person who has left his body to completely withdraw from the various layers of existence.

So while the loud fanfares are in intense preparation and the many trumpets held high for the upcoming Grand & Spectacular 50th Anniversary ‘function’ in Auroville, it may be worthwhile to ease the breath and notice in a humbler manner that a 12-year cycle is about to find its renewal in a couple of weeks’ time. And to go a step further – the upcoming 48th Anniversary would mean 4 cycles of 12 coming to a close – adding further intrigue into the figures and maybe a need for additional attention onto what is coming right under our noses lest we miss the opportune moment blinded by an infatuation towards the attractive number that is ‘50’.

I suppose every effort and aspiration towards a better world only adds to the weight of the general ‘Call’– and so the above is shared in the backdrop of the very important 48th Anniversary of Auroville with the intention to further combine and renew the ‘Call’ so that the Earth may one day have the City it truly needs.

Dinesh Gupta