News & Notes 634:The Force is here!

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30 January 2016

The Force is here!

Auroville is well. Nowhere in the world can we find a place where we feel carried by such a positive, stimulating, regenerating atmosphere. The Force is here! She seizes the hand that paints, traces or writes. The Force is here, with the musician that make sounds vibrate, with the instructor or teacher, with the gardener who plants the promise of a tree, with the architect, the worker, the builder, the sportsman or the cook. The time is to acts, not to forecasts or plans. Time is for the immediate thought in the act. One just has to stay open. The Force is here, smiling. She runs free, and the miracle spreads at every second. Immerse yourself and allow yourself to follow the current. Everything is movement, dance and joy.

Whenever we want to stop this movement, take possession or control it, the vision shrivels, and we lose the golden thread that weaves the fabric of this city of Dawn. We close in on ourselves, and the Force fades away. We can fall into self-pity, or self-flagellation. We become like an empty shell, tossed by the elements, by the events. Luckily, the beauty is everywhere in Auroville, in the flowers, in the birds' singings, in the silence of the Matrimandir, or in the smile of a child, or of the passer-by, comforting us. Gratitude is then awakened and made a breakthrough and let light coming in back.

Rejoice! The Force is here!

Christian Feuillette