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23 January 2016

Documenting scientific research of Auroville

The Scientific Research Advisory Group of Auroville - Dr. Chamanlal Gupta (chairperson), John Harper, Tency Baetens, Michael Tait and Suhasini Ayer Guigan have been working on getting together the documentation on scientific and research of Auroville.

Scientific research in the Auroville context has been defined by Dr. Chamanlal Gupta as any activity that attempts to solve Auroville's problems (also useful to humanity at large) in a scientific manner.

We are happy to announce that the information regarding papers, articles and reports we have collected so far is now available at:

Even though there are over 550 papers, articles and reports available through this website, it is far from comprehensive. Please look through the papers available and suggest additions as well as corrections to avscientificresearch (at)

We thank all the people who responded to give a starting point to understand each other’s work. We also thank Arun Surya and Sanjeev Ranganathan for their support in getting this documentation together and the Auroville Web Services Team for making it available online.

Scientific Research Advisory Group, avscientificresearch (at)