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23 January 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


The Acres for Auroville campaign – raising awareness, creating a new dynamism and active solidarity for Auroville’s lands – originally emerged from within the AVI France team and has been successful and inspiring. Thanks to combined efforts with the team based in Auroville, last year saw the campaign's expansion to include the whole City Area (A4A Phase 2) and the purchase of a key plot near the Matrimandir. The exercise goes on at full tilt. In the afternoon of Sunday 7 February, a special A4A land party is organised at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion; all those present in the City of Dawn are warmly invited.

For the coming year, AVI France will continue with its popular Parisian ‘Café Auroville’ sessions. After the 19 January session on ‘Auroville in the age of Aquarius’, on 24 April an evening specially dedicated to the Mother will follow; in May, David Aimé’s book on Satprem may be the focus and in June the team hopes to invite Christian Holl, musician and researcher in sound.

Burkina Faso

Hassan Aslafy, International Coordinator of l'Orange Bleue Afrique and AVI liaison person in this African country, informs us of his plans to organise a two-day ‘Indian Days’ event in Marrakesh, Morocco at the end of this year. The fair would include, apart from informative programmes about India, its agriculture, cooperation with Morocco, classic Indian and Sufi music concerts, hatha yoga demonstrations, markets etc etc, also a detailed programme on ‘Auroville, an adventure for humanity’, its history, achievements and future. Besides that, Hassan hopes to establish a ‘Café Auroville’ in Casablanca as there appear to be quite a few Moroccans who have stayed in Auroville at one time or other and still carry it warmly in their hearts. Needless to say that for all of the above Hassan wholeheartedly invites interested parties to come forward! He can be reached via aslafy (at)


Once again AVI Netherlands’ excellent monthly e-newsletter came out, highlighting recent events in Auroville through direct links and photos; giving details re the mid-April Savitri weekend in Amersfoort, guided by Aurovilian Rod Hemsell; and introducing Belgian Maurice Baptist, who may become member of the new AVI Netherlands board. In the small write-up Maurice mentions that in Belgium a group of four members meets from time to time and is in regular contact with AVI Netherlands. Its participants raise funds for Auroville’s land and a village education project, participate in discussions regarding a European House in the International Zone, and hope to use exhibition materials consisting of 16 panels to get Auroville better known in the Flemish region of the country.

The newsletter can be perused at […]


In October 2015, seven Korean Aurovilians came together here with the idea to start working towards a Korean Pavilion in Auroville’s International Zone. During a subsequent meeting in Seoul which some of them had with the AVI Korea liaison team, the idea was further elaborated on and took hold! The result is that this month a site application for an office-cum-administration building, reception, seminar hall, multipurpose hall exhibition space, library & archives, kitchen and indoor dining for 50 people has been submitted to the Auroville planners.


Last but not least: the Vision Future team is happy to announce that in February it will have reached the full amount needed to cover Tahir's entire housing deposit.


Besides their annual General Assembly & other meetings that members of the umbrella AVI Board will hold here in February, they will also undertake amongst themselves an in-depth, intensive Vision Quest, a ‘retreat’ like exercise regarding their work for Auroville. As Friederike, AVI’s chairperson once put it: “A process of looking back on our many years of working together, reflect on what has worked well, what should be changed and then carefully try to carve out an outlook on the future, on our aims, methods, structures. A process in which we consciously invite the Mother to inspire us, to make us receptive to her wishes and plans.”

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