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16 January 2016

Georges Blanchet

It seems that the psychic being of certain people, familiar with Auroville or her founding inspiration, decides to come and live in Auroville for a few years before proceeding on its onward journey. It happened with Jehuda about a decade back. He came to Auroville from Germany, lived here for a few years, wrote even a small book, attended Chamber duty at Matrimandir and then, one day, suddenly left his body in good health. There are a few other instances of a similar nature. And now Georges joins the same ‘category’. He came to live in Auroville about 7 or 8 years ago and now proceeds.

I was his neighbour at Vikas for a few months. He was a mild, benevolent person. He had a disposition to research things metaphysical, to study the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. But what was equally appreciable was that he voluntarily offered to explain things related to Auroville, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to curious or interested visitors. A few months ago, he told me that he at times went to the Sadhana Forest to explain these things to the volunteers there. It is good to know from Mauna’s and Paulette’s notes that he also worked in other places as at the Matrimandir and made himself available to visitors at the Visitors’ Centre. This is all the more appreciable when we recall the Mother once expressing her unhappiness in the Agenda that often inmates of the Ashram do not take the trouble to explain things to curious or genuinely interested visitors.

Once, at Vikas, I was short of Rs. 50 to pay to someone I don't remember now. Georges was passing by. Spontaneously, I asked him to pay, as if you asked a family member. He immediately complied without a single query (Of course, later in the day or the next, I put a Rs.50 note on his doorstep).

Thank you, Georges, for the last part of your life in Auroville. Farewell on the sunlit path. The body’s life may end but the real life never ends. M.P. Pandit, one of the Mother’s secretaries told her during her last months “I would like to give my life if that could add one day in your life”, She took his hand, smiled and said “Life is eternal”.

[Georges on himself in his profile on Auroville Intranet:

Name: Georges Blanchet
About Me: Joined Auroville in September 2008. I try to be “a gardener of a better future”.
Interests: Truth, Beauty and Freedom in each one and each situation.]