News & Notes 632:Georges' Departure

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16 January 2016

Georges' Departure

Dears Aurovilians,

It has been one week since my dad left this world. Days are painful for us, far from the ceremonies which took place in Auroville but the philosophy on life and death which my dad passed on to me helps me move forward.

It is now more than 30 years ago when I came to Auroville with my father and my mother. I returned there 2 years ago with my husband and my children and I shall return in one year as was planned.

I want today to thank you all for having taken care of my incredible dad. He was accompanied as he would have wished it. Furthermore, you, his family of Auroville all knew how to make us live and feel all the feelings in spite of thousands of kilometers. And this is the thing which allows us to move forward.

Thank you, thanks to all his friends,
Her daughter, Eve