News & Notes 631:What we spend on Telephone and Broadband and what we don’t get?

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9 January 2016

What we spend on Telephone and Broadband and what we don’t get?

Auroville paid Rs 1,62,61,711/ for landline and adsl (broadband) in the year 2014-15. Despite this high cost, we did not have intranet and intercom within the community – meaning that we did not have the basic campus infrastructure. Apart from this, slow speed, poor reliability and difficulty in getting a connection are well known. For details, please see [...]

Apart from the above, we spend money on mobile voice and data services. It is anybody’s guess what the overall telecom bill is if we include mobile voice and data.

What would be the bill if we extend connectivity to every home and every unit? What would happen as the city grows?

Even at that cost, the lack of intranet and intercom would be major handicaps. A more subtle handicap is the need to travel within Auroville and outside Auroville, contributing to needless pollution.

Is there a way out of this? Yes, certainly. Auroville can have a campus network – like every educational campus around the world. The work on this has started and we seek the support and goodwill of all to provide reliable intranet and intercom to every home and unit using Optical Fibre Cables.

JV on Behalf of Auroville Network Team / Aurinoco Systems.