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9 January 2016

Georges proceeds…

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On Saturday 2 January, noontime, our friend and brother Aurovilian Georges Blanchet left his body in PIMS hospital at the age of 65 due to a general systems collapse originally caused by a possibly long festering infection in the lungs. It was only since a few weeks that his condition had become apparent; he has been conscious throughout the process, and appeared quietly ready and prepared.

Georges joined us in 2008, lived in Vikas community and has been working first in Pitchandikulam’s and then at Verité’s greenery, took care of the lotus pond under the Matrimandir for years while also doing duty there, and more lately worked at the Visitors’ Centre bookshop. He has written various texts in French on gardening and also a ‘Fenêtre ouverte sur le monde’, printed at Auroville Press.

Being a friendly, quiet person, who adhered to nature and lived a simple devoted life without workers and only using a bicycle, it goes without saying that his functioning as ‘silent observer’ in the AVCouncil and his earnest participation in the recent feedback review committee had a harmonious effect and was appreciated.

Georges’ body was taken to the Farewell House and buried in the afternoon of Tuesday 5 January at Adventure’s burial ground accompanied by friends, hundreds of flowers, a reading of his daughter’s letter and a gentle chanting of Om Namo Bhagavaté.

Our warmest condolences go to his daughter and two grandchildren in France.

Farewell, Georges, go and come!


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