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9 January 2016

About Matrimandir access

I wanted to bring to the attention of the Community that the Matrimandir Group is making it more and more difficult to bring friends and family in the Chamber. In fact, rightly or wrongly, many of us old Aurovilians have stopped coming to the Chamber, because we are sometimes put off by the unfriendliness of the security (who once rudely asked Piero: 'who are you'), the grave and unsmiling faces of many of the Aurovilians inside, the constant 'hush' orders – even under the banyan tree. In spite of the marvelous atmosphere, MM feels more and more like a church.

We understand that it is not easy to handle the thousands of people who want to see the MM every day. But we are guests in India and there is a very ancient tradition here of hospitality which we all foreigners are benefiting from right now. There has to be a balance between total freedom of access which would be chaos, and the very pinched lipped, unfriendly, limited access that is offered today to Indian tourists, friends and well-wishers.

Is it not the time for a change in the Matrimandir group? It would be nice to have there, people who have actually worked at the construction of the Chamber, like Andy, Adhara, Gerard, John, etc…

Submitted by François Gautier