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2 January 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


A great surprise came in from a three-member team in Finland that’s well on their way to become an active AVI Finland centre. The team is guided by its main initiative taker, Pavitra Paul, a researcher and teacher in Public Health Economics with the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland, and also a European Union exchange teacher for the Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. His research areas are health equity, health systems efficiency and choice modelling in healthcare consumption. This year the team launched a website: Having intensively studied works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and in contact with Aurovilian Shraddhavan, Pavitra has become a sincere adherent to our Integral Yoga and would hope to share this approach to life with his country through the website, personal contacts, writings and possible conferences in future. Last month, team members had a discussion with Dutch/Finnish Aurovilian Jussi who currently stays in Europe; photos of the same can be perused on the site.


On Saturday 16 January l'Atelier Fil Rouge will host once again an AVI France Café Auroville this time focused on ‘Auroville, a city for the age of Aquarius’ (Auroville une cité pour l'ère du Verseau). The session will center around such qualities as unity, equity and brotherhood that are so fundamental for France and also for Auroville.

Main speaker of the evening will be Ms. Fanchon Pradalier-Roy, accomplished researcher and writer on astrology, education and communication who is known to Auroville and has done some in-depth study on the destiny of the city. The discussion will be streamed live via […]

It wants to be mentioned here that the first online Café Auroville, held on 12 December, came out very well, informative and inspiring. It contained lively encounters with Sandrine and Yvelise of LilaLoka, underlined by some words of Jean-Yves who happened to be present at the Paris event. The clip can be perused via [...]. These interactive sessions are organised by Chloe and appreciated by all.


The Dutch December newsletter [...] once again expertly highlights current aspects and projects of the City of Dawn, with photos and direct links to reportages, clips & interviews. Adhering to the time of the year, it also offers (in the original English) the beautiful passage in Savitri that describes the ultimate offer of Jesus, whom Sri Aurobindo saw as the Avatar of Love (Savitri, Book Six, Canto Two: “The Way of Fate and the Problem of Pain”).

On 30 January, AVI Netherlands’ general assembly meeting will take place at which administrative and financial year reports will be tabled and new members of the centre’s board nominated.

Best wishes for 2016

AVI Centres extend their very best wishes for the coming year to all members of the Auroville, AVI and Aurobindonian family worldwide, hoping to further collaborate in strengthening the work at hand.

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