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19 December 2015

Regarding AV Flood Relief 2015

The rains have eased, the sun is out and so we have planned our actions accordingly. What has been decided is that the youth will focus on spraying EM (with support from EcoPro) in areas, which are most ‘smelly’, in Auroville and any village neighbouring that is ok with having us spray there. AVAG will identify the areas, with the help of the village leaders, and relay the information to AV Flood Relief team. AVAG will continue to spread awareness regarding the use of Cleaning Water sachets and will try to reach out to PIMS/Jipmer to explore what is being done for Health Camps and if/how to get involved.

There is very little money that has come into the AV Flood Relief 2015 Account, so we will make do and wrap up by the end of this month. There are efforts being made to get our bioregion recognised as an area that ‘overflow’ aid could be sent to, as many areas are receiving too much, but evidently there are no guarantees that any help will come. If you would like any more information, please send to: avfloodrelief2015 (at)

Thanking you all,
AV Flood Relief Team