News & Notes 628:Auronet – A Space for Conscious Communication

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628 icon.jpg   News & Notes 628
19 December 2015

Auronet – A Space for Conscious Communication

General Meeting with table discussion
How to use our communication tool AURONET? The next steps in the collective experiment.
When: Tuesday 22nd of December 2015, 2-4 pm
Where: Unity Pavilion

What happened till now?

  • 6 months experiment of no moderation – initiated by the Auronet team
  • 220 Aurovilians responded to the Auronet survey
  • RAS received an urgent request from the Working Committee/AVCouncil to look and eventually modify their “Proposal for removing postings from Auronet” (find below)

Please come forward with your creative ideas!

Let us explore:

  • how to include your ideas into the given proposal and eventually modify it or
  • initiate an alternative proposal.

You are most welcome to join us in exploring different models of developing Auronet as a tool for conscious, constructive and progressive communication.

You are invited to be part of the next experimental phase of 6 months.

The Proposal from WCommittee/ AVCouncil
A person(s) who feels offended by a posting(s) on the Auronet can request the Auronet managers to remove the posting, and the Auronet managers will do so immediately upon receipt of such a request and will then inform the individual who submitted the original posting that it has been removed.
The individual who submitted the original posting can request the Auroville Council to review the quality of the posting. Depending on their finding, the Auroville Council can either confirm the removal of the posting, or instruct the Auronet managers to reinstall the posting.
The decision of the Auroville Council will be binding.
In case the postings of an individual have been removed thrice, then the Auroville Council also has the authority to instruct the Auronet managers to block the individual from making any more postings on the Auronet for a period of time which will be decided by the Council.

Slava and Inge from Residents Assembly Service