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21 November 2015

Auroville International – News from the Centres


On 8 November four former volunteers of the weltwaerts-programme and members of AVI Germany shared their experiences and enthusiasm for Auroville in the city of Rostock in northern Germany. The event was part of a series on developmental politics organised by the ‘One world network’ NGO, with focus on civic engagement and liberties. A presentation with photographs and information, a documentary film and an open discussion on Auroville left a positive impression, as one participant stated: “With all the crises and negative news at the moment, there should be much more media coverage on positive developments like Auroville!”


Although it may not fall directly under AVI USA news, it’s interesting to announce the release of a new book in ARABIC: ‘Anthology from the Mother in Arabic, Bilingual Edition.’ The translation/compilation is done by Prof Zackaria Moursi who stayed in Auroville for several years in the late nineties and currently lives in Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham, in Lodi, USA. The book can be downloaded, at no cost, as a .pdf file from the book section of Zackaria’s bilingual website: Readers who know both English and Arabic will find it convenient to read the book in the ‘two page view’ with the English text on one side and its Arabic translation on the opposite. The book is available in print at Amazon and can also be ordered from


The Dutch November newsletter is out and can be perused at: [...]. It gives direct links to Pitchandikulam’s online herbarium, to the little clip on urban farming in AV, the new ‘Trash to Treasure’ doco on the ‘up-cycling’ efforts of AV’s Wasteless team, to Youth Link, the ‘Landing Auroville’ doco fundraising for The Land, to Gautier’s interview with Piero (1st half), and to a reportage on the ‘Sourcing our Oneness’ programmes. It also contains a Dutch translation of an important excerpt of “The Yoga of Self Perfection” from Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis.


AVI Centres sincerely ask those Aurovilians going out into the World on an ambassadorial errand, such as giving Auroville presentations at international conferences, seminars or in whatever kind of setting, to kindly let the AVI centre in the country concerned, or Vani, know of their mission beforehand. In that way more attention can be given to their presentation and, ultimately, to the City of Dawn…

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