News & Notes 623:What % of responsibility are you willing to take toward your waste?

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14 November 2015

What % of responsibility are you willing to take toward your waste?

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1 – Now, about 800 Aurovilians want to be paid by the villagers for their valuable recyclable items, but don’t care what is happening with their low value stuff and their waste, mostly litter. So they don’t use Ecoservice. (10% of responsibility toward their waste).

2 – About 1200 Aurovilians think that it is important enough to pay villagers to take responsibility for the collection, segregation of the recyclable and landfill of their waste for them. They use Ecoservice, but will not do it themselves. (30% to 50% of responsibility toward their waste, depending on the way they follow good behaviors : no organic waste, good segregation, etc).

3 – What if Ecoservice didn’t give the option of the collection, segregation, and landfill by the villagers anymore, but provide nice infrastructure for members to do it by themselves, then share the profit with them? How many Aurovilians would go back to 10% of responsibility and how many would jump to 75% of responsibility? Is it worth to try?

Right now Ecoservice is in a transition, because they say that the managing was not responsible enough! Easy to say, for me the real question is: how much responsibility are we willing to take toward our waste? Do we want a managing team that will relieve us more from our responsibility or a managing team that challenge us to take more our responsibility and bring more consciousness?

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