News & Notes 623:Message from concerned Aurovilians regarding the Ecoservice issue

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623 icon.jpg   News & Notes 623
14 November 2015

Message from concerned Aurovilians regarding the Ecoservice issue

A group of concerned Aurovilians met to discuss the FAMC's decision to dismiss the entire Eco-Service team and executives by November 1st, based on the conclusion that there was equal collective responsibility for the mismanagement of the service, and also to voice our unease about the future of this collective, essential, and very much appreciated service.

The Eco service consists (consisted) of dedicated long term Aurovilians, who have built a team with expertise and experience. Waste segregation awareness slowly is growing in Auroville, thanks to the team's tireless efforts to educate us, and the Service needs all the appreciation and support it can get.

We do not think that the FAMC's conclusion is fair. We understand that it may have been difficult to find a solution, but before making this drastic decision, the members might have enlarged the discussion to a wider group of concerned people from the community. Once more it is clear that we are lacking proper remedial systems, which can take up troublesome issues in a dignified, humane and transparent manner.

We feel that this is case of "throwing the baby out with the bath water", an unnecessary collective punishment, an easy way out. Treatment thus meted out to devoted Aurovilians can only add to a trend in which more and more Aurovilians are tempted to avoid taking any responsibility, which may put them into a difficult situation.

The FAMC 's decision is not acceptable to us, and we hope the community keeps the awareness of this issue alive, until it becomes more clear what steps should be taken to find a solution more in keeping with our values.

We would like to see an official communiqué from the FAMC to update and inform the community of the next steps planned for the fluid continuity and handing over of Eco Service, and we would like to see the people who have continuously shown their commitment and dedication to this service being thanked and acknowledged for the same.

Alain B., Annemarie, Janet, Kali, Kripa, Lisbeth, Regina, Shivaya
November 10th, 2015