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7 November 2015

Report of the Working Committee

Main topics dealt with in October 2015

1. Governing Board and International Advisory Council Meeting: The minutes have been published on Auronet. The Working Committee has expressed concern to the Governing Board that the minutes have not expressed the Board’s decisions on most of the topics submitted by the Working Committee and other groups. The Working Committee has also written to the Acting-Secretary that some of the minuted sections seem to be incorrect or incomplete.

2. Delhi Visit: Carel and Ranjithkumar from the Working Committee, together with Suhasini from the Land Board paid a visit to the HRD Ministry in Delhi. They also met with Dr. Karan Singh and Sir Mark Tully. Topics discussed with HRD were: Status approval for Entry and Exit Regulations; Status change for Rules Auroville Foundation; Status appointment new Secretary; Status approval Green Campus project; Status permission for land sales.

3. Centralising mobility for Auroville: The Task Group has completed its research and come to a point where a proposal needs to be shared with the community. The Working Committee and AV Council will draft a proposal for feedback.

4. Visa: The Working Committee is dealing with a few serious issues of infringements of visa conditions. Please check the expiry dates of your passport and residential permit and ensure that they are in time renewed. At least two months in advance. Please note that the Auroville visas are issued to people to live in and work for Auroville.

5. Working Committee representative in the FAMC: Ranjithkumar has replaced Mandakini in the FAMC.

6. Land matters – transfer of responsibility from AVF: We were notified by the Auroville Foundation that they want to transfer their two land-related responsibilities to the Working Committee and Land Board.

I. Transfer the responsibility of land purchase authorisation to the Working Committee, it is presently done by the AVF office.
II. Transfer of AVF's Legal and Land Cell service to the Land Board.

We organised a joint meeting and arrived at the following:

a) Land purchase authorisation can be given by the AVF to one of the Land Board members.
b) AVF to continue the land cell (Chandirasekar and Kamalakannan) service until 30th November 2015. Afterwards the Land Board can take over the entire cell under their umbrella.
c)Legal cell to be formed to deal with ongoing land issues and other Auroville cases. To be further discussed; in the meantime regular practice in place to continue.

Completed responsibilities in October 2015

  • Way Forward 2018: The Working Committee was tasked to constitute the various Action Groups and come up with Action Plans. This has been done. The Way Forward 2018 movement has now been handed over to a team called the VAct. (ref. announcement in News & Notes number 619, 17th October 2015)
  • TDC restructuring: The Working Committee was tasked by the GB to propose a restructuring of the TDC. This has been done in consultation with the community and the proposal has been submitted to the Governing Board. The Board, however, has not agreed to the proposal and has now constituted a Selection Committee headed by the Chairman of the TDC, Dr. Doshi, which will take the work forward. (ref. 47th GB Meeting Minutes on Auronet).
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Preparation: The Envisioning Committee had requested the Working Committee to gather proposals from the community for the 50th anniversary celebration. This has been done and shared with the Envisioning Committee. In order to come up with a more detailed proposal that includes the schedule, content and budget for the year-long celebration, the Board has constituted a sub-committee which will draft a proposal in the next 3 months for submission to the Envisioning Committee. (ref. 47th GB Meeting Minutes on Auronet).

Ongoing matters

The Working Committee is also involved in the following topics, which are still ongoing and not yet concluded:

  • Car Stickers
  • Appeal Process against decisions of Working Groups (with the Auroville Council)
  • Kottakarai conflict
  • Windarra conflict
  • Non-Aurovilians occupying Auroville assets
  • Security

The Working Committee (Angela, Carel, Elisa, Eric, Mandakini, Manohar, Ranjithkumar)