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7 November 2015

News from Dehashakti Gym

We would like to remind everyone that the shifting of the body building – fitness equipment of the previous New Creation Gym to the new premises in Dehashakti Sports Ground was successfully completed some months ago. Dehashakti has welcomed the gym and has offered a new space. We have renovated the equipment and we are upgrading and improving this new facility slowly according to the needs and funds available.

We understand this Gym as one more possibility to put in practice one of our collective aims of unending education and aspiration for perfection in the physical. This Gym is open and operative, ready to receive students, adult Aurovilians, Newcomers and volunteers interested to practice. Please contact Rajeev from Dehashakti School or Babu, Vikram, Anandi, or Joseba to get the information about the timings and the conditions to join this Dehashakti Gym.

Come and join!

Dehashakti Gym team (Babu, Vikram, Anandi y Joseba)