News & Notes 622:Constitution of the Auroville Internal Complaints Committee

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622 icon.jpg   News & Notes 622
7 November 2015

Constitution of the Auroville Internal Complaints Committee

Dear Community,

We would like to announce that the Working Committee has constituted the Auroville Internal Complaints Committee (“Auroville ICC”), see N&N 609 dated 8th August 2015.

The Auroville ICC will deal with any and all issues of Sexual Harassment as defined in the Sexual Harassment Act that are brought to its notice, which involve a Resident of Auroville, a Newcomer, a Friend of Auroville, a Volunteer in Auroville, a Student of Auroville, a Guest of Auroville, as well as a person employed by or working for an Auroville trust, an Auroville unit, an Auroville service, any other Auroville legal entity, or individual residing in Auroville.

The Auroville ICC is also mandated to deal with issues of sexual harassment occurring in Auroville but not regulated by the Sexual Harassment Act, if such does not contradict any Indian law.

The members of Auroville's ICC are: Anandamayi (Maduca/AV Security), Anbu (AVAG), Bridget (Creativity/Pitanga), Jeyandira (Djaima), Niva (Koodam/Realization), Srijita (Matrimandir Nursery), Suryagandi (AV Dental Center) and Yuval (Utility).

Their term of office is three years starting October 24, 2015.

The Auroville ICC can be contacted at: icc (at) or telephone: 7639305678

The Auroville ICC