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7 November 2015

Auroville International – News from the Centres


While it doesn’t fall under AVI Italy as such, it seems correct to mention in this column that Saturday 7 November, Aurovilian Paola De Paolis, once more gives a talk on Sri Aurobindo in Rome. This time it will be at the Chavara Institute of Indian & Inter-Religious Studies (CIIS). The title of the event is ‘Sri Aurobindo: Savitri and the Gods Awake’, with renowned actor Alberto Rossatti reading some selected passages of the poem.


On October 31st, Amanda Chang of AVI Taiwan gave a brief introduction on Auroville's community development and social enterprises at the 2015 Social Enterprise International Conference organised by the Taiwan Social Enterprise Innovation & Entrepreneurship Society. After her introduction, and a commentary by the event’s moderator Prof. Hu Jhe Sheng, some twenty questions were proffered by the audience about housing, property rights, organisation and education in Auroville as the project is as yet not well known in Taiwan. In total about 300 participants attended the seminar sponsored by the New Taipei City government, and a small group of the audience showed strong interest to visit Auroville.


In the afternoon of Wednesday 11 November, Aurovilian Christian Tarpin, will give a talk to interested parties in Paris about his transformative ecological practices which he developed these last years in AuroOrchard.

And in the evening of Saturday 21 November, the AVI France team organises another ‘Café Auroville’ event, this time entirely focusing on Sri Aurobindo, visionary, revolutionary, philosopher and poet, at the hand of a series of photographs and talks.

Last but not least, AVI France’s recent newsletter (downloadable by subscription from the Centre’s website) gives very detailed information with colourful photos and sketches about:

  • The design, development and struggles of the Africa House and Pavilion gradually emerging in Auroville’s International Zone
  • The 3rd inauguration of the French Pavilion there with its first three temporary structures
  • An overview of the numerous events held in Auroville under the umbrella of the French Pavilion
  • Informative events organised in Paris mentioned earlier in this column
  • Report on the recent meeting on European AVI centres in Berlin
  • A detailed Acres for Auroville report as presented by Mandakini to the AVI/AUM meeting in USA in August
  • An interview with Aurovilian Eva about her recent painting exhibition in Centre d’Art at Auroville’s Citadines
  • And a superb and realistic, poetic advice to first arrivals to the City of Dawn by Aurovilian Sam.

All in French!

For info re all of the above, registration, location, subscription etc., contact: aurovilleinternationalfr (at)

For all AVI matters, contact Vani via vani (at)

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