News & Notes 621:Pitchandikulam Forest Herbal Team - Health Tips for the Rainy Season with Ayurveda and Local Herbs

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621 icon.jpg   News & Notes 621
31 October 2015

Pitchandikulam Forest Herbal Team - Health Tips for the Rainy Season with Ayurveda and Local Herbs

Thank you very much for attending the workshop. Many of you regretted not to be able to come. So please find herewith the health tips:

Main aim for the rainy season: Increase Agni (digestive power, body temperature, warmth in the heart) and control VATA (air) and PITTA (fire), regenerate.

Aahaara – Dietary tips: Agni is naturally weak after the summer. It is needed to rebuild a proper appetite/hunger otherwise Pitta disturbances may occur (if the fire is not strong, it will create fermentation in the body affecting the digestive tract, bowel movements and mental stability). What to take?

  • Warm, cooked, nourishing food
  • Favorable tastes to calm VATA: Madhura (sweet), Amla (sour), Lavana (salty)
  • Examples of proteins: from vegetable kingdom (green gram-mung dal, lentils, pulses, beans cooked with asafoetida), yusha (mung dal soup), from animal kingdom (chicken, small sea fish, eggs, meat soups)
  • Old cereals: barley, millet, rice, oats, wheat
  • Vegetables: amaranth, ash gourd, aubergine, beetroots, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chow-chow, drumsticks (moringa), eggplant, pumpkin, snake gourd, squash, spinach and greens , other seasonal vegetables…
  • Fruits: pomegranate, banana, seasonal fruits…
  • Beverages: honey, jaggery preparations, warm or boiled water, cinnamon tea, masala tea (without milk)
  • Spices: ginger, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, clove, asafeotida, mustard seeds, ajwain, cinnamon, fennel and fenugreek seeds
  • Ayurvedic formulas: panchakola or trikatu or hingwashtak churna with honey after meals

Better to avoid:

  • Fermented items: yeast/baking soda (bread, cakes, biscuits), idli, dosai, vinegar, tofu, soya sauce, beer
  • Excessive liquid and carbonated drinks
  • Cold or raw food, ice-cream
  • Heavy and hard to digest food (deep fried etc.)

Vihaara - Daily and seasonal routine:

Due to a weak digestive fire and a humid environment, the body has the tendency to absorb the moist and has difficulty to keep warm. This manifests specially in the joints giving pain, stiffness, rigidity (Vata aggravation) or inflammation, skin rashes (Pitta aggravation). Add to your daily routine:

  • Abhyanga (body massage), Moordhatailam (head massage), Padaabhyanga (foot massage) with warm sesame oil), followed by Swedana therapy (fomentation/sudation) with steambath or hot water shower
  • Snaana: bath or shower with warm water and a paste made of chickpea flour
  • Keep the body warm from head to feet (covering specially head, neck and feet)
  • Regular exercise: at least 30 minutes per day to increase body heat
  • Dhumapaana (fumigation) with eucalyptus, neem or sage dry leaves
  • Nasya: 2 drops of Anu Tailam in each nostril

Better to avoid:

  • Afternoon nap/siestas, physical exertion
  • Humid cold air, wind, fan
  • Getting wet in the rain
  • Strenuous work, long hours in front of the computer

For further queries, please contact Berengere (Bee) in Santé Clinic or in Pitchandikulam