News & Notes 621:Auroville and the Beauty of Transformation

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31 October 2015

Auroville and the Beauty of Transformation

The Mother named the flowers of the tree Millingtonia hortensis Transformation and added as its quality “The goal of creation”.

And an early comment for Transformation flowers by The Mother was: “Transformation is the change by which all the elements and all the movements of the being become ready to manifest the Supramental Truth”.

The collection and counting of Transformation flowers – and also of other flowers – was used by the Mother for Her intense work for quite some time. Even in these days Transformation Trees are growing and flowering around the Ashram and the Dining Hall and in the ‘French part’ of Pondicherry.

More energy of Transformation would be good for Auroville’s development. And we can become also more aware of how flowers and their conscious force are helping us. Earlier Auroville also had many Transformation Trees, especially around the Matrimandir Office gate. I always enjoyed their white flower-carpet after the rain and the beautiful odour. Auroculture then collected the white flowers.

But during the cyclone we lost – beside other trees – many Transformation Trees and new ones were not planted.

Now the monsoon is coming and it is a good time to plant consciously Transformation Trees in order to help with our progress and so with Auroville’s development – and after every rain there will be the blessing of the beauty of white flower-carpets and a wonderful odour.

There is in Auroville a conscious awareness of the Service-Trees with their shiny yellow flowers and many Service-Trees were planted.

That is lovely. Let us become also more aware of the beauty of Transformation flowers and the support they give to the psychic presence and growth.

With love and adoration,