News & Notes 620:Eco Service reply to FAMC's statement

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620 icon.jpg   News & Notes 620
24 October 2015

Eco Service reply to FAMC's statement

(See previous News issue)

In response to the FAMC's statement about the Eco Service, we (the Executives, now *former* Executives) would like to state the following:

1 – We accept the FAMC's decision as our main interest is the harmonious and effective functioning of this valuable community service.

2 – However, we strongly resent and reject the implication that there was collective financial mismanagement rather than mismanagement on the part of one executive. This is a strong, unfair and untrue accusation that borders on the defamatory. The FAMC knows the truth to be otherwise, and we strongly request a public clarification.

3 – The lessons of this story are clear: if you are a service executive, or otherwise work for Auroville, be aware that no matter how many years of service you have provided, you may be summarily dismissed by the FAMC without so much as a conversation or fair hearing.

4 – In addition, be aware that if part of an Executive team is mismanaging or under-performing, approaching the FAMC to try to achieve a resolution is likely to result in a form of "collective punishment." We would also add that this collective punishment is as much directed at the community as a whole (rather than just the Executives) as it means dismissing an entire team with years of experience and expertise. While we recognize and acknowledge that the FAMC has a difficult position and must often make difficult decisions, the decision taken here seems to be just the most expedient one and we question whether it is truly in the interests of the community.

Nonetheless, we reiterate that we accept the FAMC's decision and the current Eco Service team will cease functioning as of November 1st (this is the deadline handed to us by the FAMC). We encourage anyone with further interest in this situation to speak to us directly.

We wish all success and best of luck to a successor team that we hope the FAMC or relevant group will soon appoint.

Auralice, Gillian and Suryan – Eco-Service