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24 October 2015

Auroville International – News from the Centres


In March this year, Ms Sonny Benoit, AVI liaison for Luxembourg, along with Isa and Georg of AVI Germany, made contact in Brussels with Mr Claude Turmes, member of the European Parliament as EU deputy of the ‘Green Party Luxembourg’, who is also member of the EU delegation for India. During their meeting, Mr Turmes expressed his willingness to support the construction of a European Pavilion or European module in AV’s International Zone, and advised the team to elaborate in detail on the sense and purpose of the International Zone as well as the envisaged European House. In this context, the central notion would be ‘peace motivation & human unity’. Sonny is planning to hold a first Auroville conference in Luxembourg on 23 November, which will be the first evening of an ‘Environment Week’ in her municipality Soleuvre/ Grand-Duchy. Mr Turmes is expected to be present, and several Aurovilians amongst whom Ribhu and AVI members as well.


Consequently, the European AVI members, in their recent meeting in Berlin, have brainstormed about the raison d’être and the practical use of the European House (what is its meaning, which message shall it convey, which kind of events, exhibitions, spaces, etc. shall it house) as well as discussed the basic conception of the actual building and a preliminary budget framework so as to propose in the International Zone team and possibly initiate the process of a concrete funding.


After her extensive sojourn in Mexico and other southern USA states, and an AV video-showing in Uruguay at the beginning of October, Anandi finally made it to her home country Argentina, where she resumed her contacts and activities. On 9th October she held an open day for all secondary schools in Las Flores (Buenos Aires) and also conducted a poetry encounter with local poets.

Anandi is pleased to inform us that she received the following recognition and invitation:

Dear Anandi Elba Fernandez,
It is a great honor for Mil Milenios de Paz (MMP) and Fundación Paz Ecología y Arte (PEA) together with Maria Adela Palcos, Ambassador of Peace, inviting you to receive the Banner of Peace created by Nicholas Roerich, and converted to Auroville Embassy and to you as an ambassador of peace. The ceremony will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 30, 2015. Mil Milenios de Paz [Thousand Millennia of Peace, Eds] and Fundación Paz, Ecología y Arte (PEA), are working at present on their project “One Thousand Flags for One Thousand Schools, Institutions and Personalities” with the purpose of awakening the consciousness of peace on the planet. This project envisions establishing Peace Embassies from Antarctica to Alaska. The first Peace Flag was awarded to School #38 located in Base Esperanza, Antarctica, on the 25th of February of 2006! On this occasion, your positive contribution to create peace in the world deserves our recognition. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.
Warm regards, Inés Palomeque Presidente Mil Milenios de Paz, ICP Board Member


Just now the AVI Netherlands’ October newsletter came out and can be perused at: [...] Among updates on AV projects, it also links to a report on the above mentioned meeting of European AVI centres in Berlin: but it is, of course, in Dutch.

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