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24 October 2015

50th Anniversary of Auroville

Towards celebrating the 50th anniversary of Auroville the Governing Board appointed an Envisioning Committee (EC) to provide a vision for the events. Along with the EC a Project Planning Group (PPG) was appointed to call for proposals within the community and to submit a written proposal and budget for the entire program to the GB for approval and implementation.

The PPG will be applying a Participatory Planning Model to bring together the proposals put forward by the community, work out a timeframe and a cost. This will take the form of 4 half-day workshops with about 20 Aurovilians participating in each workshop. Each workshop will select 4 representatives, who will participate in a final two workshops. These workshops will be facilitated by Mamata and Dave Storey.

Everyone who submits a viable project will be invited to participate in the workshops that will take place at various times during the month of November. Please email us a brief text on your project answering the following questions: Who is going to do it; what is it about; where will it take place; Have all stakeholders confirmed participation; when it will happen; how much will it cost.

Previously sent projects have been considered and there is no need to resubmit.

Project submission deadline is: November 1st
Email for submission: 50th (at)

Elaine, Fabienne, Krishna, Marco, Mariana