News & Notes 619:Improvement of the “Solar Kitchen crossing”

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619 icon.jpg   News & Notes 619
17 October 2015

Improvement of the “Solar Kitchen crossing”

(Crossing point between the Certitude-Kindergarten road and the Crown Road)

The Certitude-Kindergarden road is the busiest road in Auroville. It serves as one of the main access roads into Auroville and experiences a lot of through-traffic from the villages north and north-west of Auroville. While the check-post at Certitude does a good job to guide visitors around Auroville via the Visitors Centre, the local traffic chooses the shorter route through Auroville.

The present Solar Kitchen crossing is not safe. Over the last years, there have been accidents, incidents and near-accidents. The traffic goes too fast and, unfortunately, a sort of bully behavior has set in.

Our first proposals for the crossing were published in 2013. They consisted of two different types of roundabout and a “dissolved crossing”. Since then, further studies have been conducted and we would like to present this proposal to the community consisting in a semi-drive-over roundabout.

The roundabout has a small central island and is designed with a radius that allows small cars and 2-wheelers to easily navigate. Bigger vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.) with a larger turning radius can also navigate the roundabout, but will use the outer part of the island, which is sloped. The inner central island is raised further from the road and could be planted or hold a sculpture (Auroville artists are called upon for ideas!).

A roundabout is a solution for multiple road crossings to provide a smooth traffic flow without the aid of traffic lights or other regulating body (police). In order to function smoothly, the roundabout is designed one-way and should be navigated in a clockwise direction.

In Auroville, this will probably present a bit of a challenge because of the low traffic discipline of Non-Aurovilians and Aurovilians alike. We expect that it will take some time before people will accept and comply with this design feature.

Speed humps with raised cycle path crossings with will be built on each leg of the crossing to ensure vehicles enter the crossing at a reduced speed and sign boards will explain the right-of-way. The school bus parking will improve.

Detailed drawings will be displayed at L’avenir d’Auroville offices (2nd floor of the Town Hall) for two weeks from Monday 19th October onwards.

Any feedback and comments are appreciated, please send by mail to: avenir (at) or come and discuss them in person.