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618 icon.jpg   News & Notes 618
15 October 2015

Youth Link update

Dear Community,

YouthLink has received some feedback - that there are some that feel that we are not inclusive/representative enough… and we were happy to hear this, as is the expected critique in our little community, because it gives us an opportunity to invite you all again!

Youth Link’s Goals of Housing, Employment and Education have emerged partly through a community process of the Festival of Ideas and Auroville Retreat and partly through the active, regular youth attending our meetings. Now we have many new projects as the term ‘youth’ is growing in popularity, and they take shape according to those that are involved in their implementation. We are working with Village Youth Groups, we are working with Auroville’s Working Groups/Services, with Volunteers, with the Retreat’s Action Groups, we have representatives from many schools… and we are growing and we feel supported by the community.

If you feel under represented, join us!

Send us an email, give us a call, or just come by the office.

We have an open meeting every Friday 4:00-6:00 pm.

You can join as a Coordinator (full/part time), as a Core Group member (attending weekly meetings and active on some task), or as an Extended Member (joining on larger events, on the mailing list, can come in according to your preference), or as a Mentor (to offer to guide/teach us!).

You can either support an existing goal or project, or you can propose to initiate your own. If your proposal resonates with Auroville ideals and the members of Youth Link Core Group, then we are happy to include your idea and you will automatically become an active member of the team. Please feel invited and always welcome.

Kavitha & Vinay for the Youth Link Core Team
youth (at) / Bharat Nivas – Auroville