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(Mother to Mona Sarkar about cyclone of 1 May 1966:) “That was for the tamasic people. It was to warn them that this is not the moment to sleep and let oneself drift, but to awaken from this torpor. You know, it was to show to the people that they are nothing, nothing... absolutely zeros materially. They boast, they think themselves to be the masters of circumstances; they think that materially, they can do everything.... And just a gust of wind and all is gone.”[1]

(Disciple:) “Someone has said that disasters and catastrophes in Nature, earthquake and deluge and the sinking of continents, are the consequence of a discordant and sinful humanity and with the progress and development of the human race a corresponding change will come about in physical Nature. How far is this true?

(Mother:) Perhaps the truth is rather that it is one and the same movement of consciousness that expresses itself in a Nature ridden with calamities and catastrophes and in a disharmonious humanity. The two things are not cause and effect, but stand on the same level. Above them there is a consciousness which is seeking for manifestation and embodiment upon earth, and in its descent towards matter it meets everywhere the same resistance, in man and in physical Nature. All the disorder and disharmony that we see upon earth is the result of this resistance. Calamity and catastrophe, conflict and violence, obscurity and ignorance — all ills come from the same source. Man is not the cause of external Nature, nor external Nature the cause of man, but both depend on the same one thing that is behind them and greater, and both are part of a perpetual and progressive movement of the material world to express it.
         Now if there is awakened somewhere upon earth a receptivity and openness sufficient to bring down in its purity something of the Divine Consciousness, this descent and manifestation in matter can change not only the inner life, but the material conditions also, the physical expression in man and Nature. This descent does not depend for its possibility upon the condition of humanity as a whole. If we had to wait for the mass of humanity to reach a state of harmony, unity and aspiration, strong enough to bring down the Light and change the material conditions and the movement of Nature, there would be little hope. But there is a possibility that an individual or a small group or limited number may achieve the descent. It is not quantity or extension that matters. One drop of the Divine Consciousness entering into the consciousness of the earth could change everything here.
         It is the mystery of the contact and fusion of the higher and the lower planes of consciousness that is the great secret, the hidden key. Always it has a transforming force; only here it would be on a larger scale and reach a higher degree. If there is someone on earth who is capable of coming consciously into contact with a plane that has not yet been manifested here and if by rising into it in his consciousness he can make that plane and the material meet and harmonise, then the great decisive movement of Nature’s yet unrealised transformation can take place. A new power will descend and change the conditions of life upon earth.”[2]

(Shyam Sundar, 1970:) “It is said that in the recent earthquake at Peru eighty thousand people perished. Is it possible that the souls of all these dead ones had decided to leave their bodies at the same time?

(Mother:) In the majority of men the psychic being is embryonic, little developed, and does not take decisions.
         It is only in a human minority that the psychic being is fully conscious individually and takes individual decisions.”[3]

(Mother to Satprem, 1960:) “Chittagong was hit by a cyclone, there were tidal waves somewhere else ... The cyclone went up the wrong side! – for according to X’s predictions, it was Karachi that should have disappeared.

(Satprem:) He said only in 1962 or 1963 would Karachi totally disappear. And three-fourths of Bombay underwater!

And just a while ago some volcanoes erupted, so the sea rose and swept away all kinds of things in Japan and all along its path, but it didn’t come all the way to India. When I was in Japan, one island was swallowed up just like that, along with its 30,000 inhabitants, glub!
         You see, it amuses them; it’s the way these beings amuse themselves – only it’s on another scale, that’s all. They look at us like ants, so what’s it matter to them! “If they don’t like it, too bad for them.” Only, ants can’t protest, or at least we don’t understand their protests! Whereas when we ourselves protest, we can make ourselves heard. We have the means to make ourselves heard.

We can be heard?

Certainly, we CAN be heard. So far I never said anything. It even surprised me, for I had never paid it any attention, I was quite away from all that: it’s raining? – so what, it’s raining, it happens. It’s not raining? – so what, it’s not raining, it’s the same thing. And then gradually people started mentioning that should it continue, they wouldn’t be able to do their exercises, and they wouldn’t be ready for December 2. Then I started receiving desperate letters – one person even told me he was doing his puja underwater! So I answered by saying, “Take it as the Lord’s blessing” but I’m not sure he appreciated it! And then I learned that 200 houses [in the Ashram] – 200! – are leaking. Naturally, each one is in a great hurry – it’s terribly urgent! So perhaps I shall file a complaint and ask them what they mean by this!”[4]

(Mother:) “A while ago ... You know that I have TREMENDOUS financial difficulties. In fact, I have handed the whole matter over to the Lord, telling Him, “It’s your affair; if you want us to continue this experience, well, you must provide the means.” But this upsets some of ‘them,’ so they come along with all kinds of suggestions to keep me from having to ... to resort to something so drastic. They suggest all kinds of things; some time ago they said, “What about a good cyclone, or a good earthquake? A lot of damage to the Ashram, a public appeal – that would bring in some funds!” (Mother laughs) Yes, it’s of this order! And it’s all quite clear and definite – we have veritable ‘conversations’!
         I listen, I answer. “It’s not satisfactory!” I told them. But they’ve kept to their idea, they like it. When that first storm came some time back (you remember, with those terrible bolts of lightning and that asuric being P.K. saw and sketched): “Don’t you want us to destroy something? ...” I got angry. But it was ... This influence was so close and acute that it gave you goose bumps! The whole time the storm lasted, I had to hold on tight in my bed, like this (Mother closes her fists tight as in a trance or deep concentration), and I didn’t move – didn’t move – like a ... a rock during the entire storm, until he consented to go a bit further away. Then I moved. And even now, it comes – from others (there’s not just one, you see, there are many): “How about a good flood?” A roof collapsed the other day with someone underneath, but he was able to escape. So roofs are collapsing, houses ... “Arouse public sympathy, we must help the Ashram!” “It’s no good,” I said. But maybe that’s what’s responsible for this interminable rain. And they offer so many other things ... oh, what they parade past me! You could write books on all this! ”[5]

(Sehra, 15 January 1962:) “Mother, did you read my letter mentioning the predictions made by astrologers about February?

(Mother:) Yes. Many people have asked me about these predictions. The astrologers say that something bad will happen. Even Panditji says so. Every time I hear all those things I try to see what the truth is. But always there is a blank. I see nothing. There is neither a Yes nor a No. This may mean that nothing is going to happen. Or else it may be the Supreme's Will that I should know nothing and not interfere with anything. Usually I don't interfere with happenings in Nature.

But, Mother, aren't you and the Supreme the same?

Yes, and when I go into a trance I see everything. Even in the present case I must have seen everything, but when I come back into the outer consciousness I sometimes forget and there is a blank.

You mean you want to forget and so you don't remember.

You may put it like that if you wish. But when I am meant to interfere I clearly remember everything I see in my trance. For instance, I see the great threat of a world war, and I put all my force against it to prevent anything that may develop into a world war. Even lately I have done that.

I am asking you about the astrologers' predictions because it is said that half of Bombay will be submerged in water. I feel very worried; my people are staying just opposite the beach in Bombay. Will the predictions come true?

Well, if anything bad threatens to happen, we'll see about it and prevent that also.”[6]

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