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(Sri Aurobindo:) “As there are many personalities in a man in his various ordinary planes of consciousness, so also several beings can associate themselves with his consciousness as it develops afterwards — descending into his higher mind or other higher planes of being and connecting themselves with his personality.”[1]

“I saw X recently [in a dream]. Was it the real person?

(Mother:) What is a person? When you are in a body you always see the body and think it is the person. But in this body there is now the whole being, now part of the being, with the rest somewhere else. Sometimes it is one activity of the being that comes forward, sometimes another. Because you have a body which you continue to see, you think that the being you see is always the same, but that is not true.”[2]

(Mother:) “I don't know who wrote it. Now I constantly write things without really knowing who writes them. Sometimes I clearly know it's Sri Aurobindo, but at other times I don't know in the least. But it's someone who isn't on earth, that I know.
         … But there's no sense of being ‘someone’ and that ‘someone else’ wants to write or speak — it's not that! Similarly, when I say (I feel and know) it's Sri Aurobindo, it's not that I see him materially and he takes my hand and makes me write — nothing of all that. It's something fluid that concentrates and causes to write. And it's the quality of that fluidity that lets me know who it is. It's quite odd. There's a sort of complete disappearance of the sense of separation, yet a sense of diversity remains — diversity of modes of being — but it's no longer demarcated, as if cut off and separate (Mother draws small cubes): it's like vibratory modes of perception and action (and the quality of the vibration is different), vibratory modes of perception and action succeeding one another, intermingling, superposed on one another. A sort of fluid play: no longer separate little puppets.
         My nights are ENTIRELY like that. During the day, there is still something of the old habit, but in the night, it's instantly like that.”[3]

(Mother:) “Some have only one state of consciousness, others have many (there are even certain people who have two nearly opposite states of consciousness, which results in that ‘double personality’ and those contradictions in life). Some are very simple and have only one, and that results in almost primitive individuals; but they sometimes have a wonderful development in their state of consciousness.... That explains many contradictions.”[4]

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