Mind of the cells

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“What can we call this mind? We can't even call it ‘corporeal mind’: it is the mind of the cells, a cellular mind.
         This cellular mind exists in animals, and there is even a faint beginning (but very faint, like a promise) in plants: they respond to a mental action. They respond. As soon as Life manifests, there is already the beginning, like a promise of mind, of mental movement. ”[1]

“It is the mental substance that belongs to Matter itself, to the cells. That's what was formerly called ‘the spirit of the form’, when it was said that mummies kept their bodies intact as long as the spirit of the form persisted. That's the mind I mean, that completely material mind.”[2]

“It is the mind that was like an uncoordinated substance, with a constant, unorganized activity (Mother gestures to show a constant tremor). This is the mind which is being organized [in the new yoga].”

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