Meditations on Savitri

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Savitri Bhavan 2019 1 - Senior Ashramites visit.jpg

(Mother:) “The importance of Savitri is immense.
         Its subject is universal. Its revelation is prophetic.
         The time spent in its atmosphere is not wasted.
         Take all the time necessary to see this exhibition. It will be a happy compensation for the feverish haste men put now in all they do.”[1]

“Meditations on Savitri” is the title given by the Mother to a series of 472 oil paintings created by Huta under Mother's guidance from 1961 to 1966. They illustrate selected passages from the whole of Savitri.

In 2001, the collection of paintings was entrusted to Savitri Bhavan, along with facsimiles of the Mother’s original sketches, written instructions and comments, copies of her recorded recitations of the selected passages, and of her recorded explanations of Savitri.

In 2018, the Picture Gallery at Savitri Bhavan was completed, allowing all 472 paintings to be on permanent display.

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