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Dear Aurovilians, Newcomers and Auroville Guests, the visitors season is here and we would like to remind you of the Matrimandir timings as per our official policy.

· Regular visitors, i.e. visitors who have come before for concentration or who have done the first visit for concentration (the A group) must book for their concentration any day between 2 and 4 pm by calling 2622268 or by passing by the Access Office during the same time. Their time for concentration is between 9.30 and 10.30 am. On the day of appointment, they are required to be at the Matrimandir office gate at 9.15 am.

· First time visitors (the B group) are requested to see the videos and exhibitions on Auroville and the Matrimandir before making a request for concentration. The request may be made by calling 2622268 any day between 2 and 4 pm or by passing by the Matrimandir Access Office during the same time. They will be guided after the booking is made. Their time for concentration is between 10.30 and 11 am before which they will receive a short briefing about the Matrimandir. On the day of appointment, they are required to be at the Matrimandir office gate no later than 9.45 am.

· Aurovilians who would like to bring/accompany very close friends or family members to the Matrimandir may do so at 11 am. The number of persons accompanying the Aurovilian should not exceed more than 2. Their time is from 11 to 11.30 am. They are required to be at the Matrimandir Access Office at 10.45 am. In case the number should exceed more than 2, please call us at 2622579 between 10 am and 12 noon or between 2 and 4 pm for a solution. We will try and accommodate them into the B group.

When bringing visitors we also request you to keep in mind the following:

· A concentration in the Matrimandir is the choice of each individual. Bookings are therefore accepted on an individual basis only.

· All bookings (for the A and B groups) should be made at least 2/3 days in advance to avoid disappointment.

· Bags, cameras and cell phones are not allowed within the Park of Unity and should be left either in one’s vehicle or deposited for safe keeping at the Access Office. Cell phones have to be switched off before depositing.

· Visitors are advised not to bring valuables with them.

· Photographs may be taken only from a designated area outside the Park of Unity.

· Media persons wanting to take photos/films must obtain advance permission from .

· Cleanliness: the cooperation of all is requested to keep Matrimandir and its twelve Petal rooms in immaculate condition. Touching any surface inside the structures is to be avoided. Cleanliness of body and garments is indispensable.

· Children below 10 are not allowed inside the Park of Unity and the Matrimandir.

· Absolute silence is required inside the Matrimandir and the 12 rooms in the Petals, around the ‘Lotus Pond’ below the Matrimandir, and in the area under the Banyan Tree. Kindly help us maintain the atmosphere at the highest level.

· In case of rain or if the pathways and Garden areas are too muddy, the Matrimandir remains closed and all bookings are cancelled for the day. During such days, Matrimandir Access telephone line 2622268 is open 8 to 9 am to answer enquiries regarding whether Matrimandir is open for the day or not.

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